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Welcome to Crewe Rail Forum. Crewe’s heritage, and the reason for its existence, is built on the railway. As a region, South Cheshire has relied on engineering, and specifically rail, as a key area of investment and employment since the 1830’s. Since then, for nearly two hundred years, Crewe has built an enviable reputation as a centre of expertise for rail and engineering.

Crewe Rail Forum and its members will help promote South Cheshire and its people as area of expertise, knowledge and experience for rail, engineering and infrastructure with the aim to ensure that local people and businesses are the preferred option for upcoming infrastructure projects.

Our Members

Come on board with us! We already have a thriving community and would love to welcome new members to the betterment and future of Crewe. Our purpose unites us to invest in a town we all cherish and are proud of.

We will help promote South Cheshire and its peopleas an area of expertise, knowledge and experience for rail, engineering and infrastructure with the aim to ensure that loacl people and businesses are the preferred option for upcoming HS2 projects.

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A small village in South Cheshire was chosen by the Grand Junction Railway as the site for its locomotive works and railway station in the 1830s. The station was built in fields near to Crewe Hall and locomotive works quickly followed. A modern urban settlement was planned in 1843 around the ‘railway colony’ that had grown to service the station and locomotive works. A small village of seventy residents in 1831 had grown into a modern bustling, thriving town of 40,000 by the 1870s. By then, Crewe boasted churches, schools, public baths, a cheese market, a clothing factory and printing works, all or part funded by the railway…and built from the ground up, within 40 years.

Our Aims


To represent Crewe and the surrounding area’s best interests when pitching to win contracts for local businesses by showcasing how we are people-powered.


To build connections with key government and industry decision-makers to ensure that businesses in Crewe and South Cheshire are seen as a ‘first port of call’ for potential contracts.


To promote Crewe & South Cheshire businesses as the most environmentally friendly option for potential contractors and a place where things get done.

Future Plans

To meet each quarter to share best practice and knowledge of how to capitalise on upcoming infrastructure projects.


To ensure that Crewe & South Cheshire remain well-connected in terms of infrastructure and transport links.

Why Crewe?

Crewe and its people were at the forefront of Britain’s advancement as it charged into the Industrial Revolution. Ever since, South Cheshire has been a pivotal area to both the performance and the progress of the country.

Why Crewe is still powering the country:

As a hub of engineering excellence, Crewe people get the big things done, manufacturing trains, cars and planes – the things that connect our nation and keep business moving. Crewe and South Cheshire remain well-connected through road (just ten minutes from the M6) and via rail with hundreds of destinations across Britain being accessible direct from Crewe station.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!